View Value of Hours Data in Staff Lists, Reports, and Analytics

In the Staff List, reports, and analytics, see how much money your organization saves thanks to volunteers who donate their time. 

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Before You Begin

Before you can view Value of Hours monetary data, you must enter a Default Value for One Hour amountFor instructions, view Value of Hours.

View Value of Hours in the Staff List

In the Staff List, show one or more columns that show the monetary value of time.

The Lifetime Value of Hours column updates automatically when:

  • A volunteer is assigned more Hours Worked
  • You update the Default Value for One Hour amount

To show Value of Hours columns:

  1. Open your organization or the opportunity.
  2. Click Staff.
  3. Click the Show/Hide Columns icon icon_shift_calendar_view_columns-1.
  4. Scroll to the Hours Worked section.
  5. Select the Lifetime Value of Hours column.
  6. Click Apply.

Filter the Staff list by Value of Hours Data

After you add Lifetime Value of Hours columns, add one or more Value of Hours filters to refine the Staff List. Each filter has several options you can configure. 

To add Monetary Value of Hours filters:

  1. Open your organization or the opportunity.
  2. Click Staff.
  3. Click the Filter icon icon_filter
  4. Click Hours Worked Filters.
  5. Select one or more filters to add:
    • Lifetime Value of Hours — Total Value of Hours volunteers contributed across the organization
    • Value of Hours by Opportunity — Total Value of Hours volunteers contributed to the selected opportunity
  6. For either filter, select options to see volunteers who contributed less than, more than, equal to, or between a value that you enter.
  7. Click Filter.
  8. To close the filter window and return to the Staff List, click the X icon at the upper right.

Include Value of Hours in Staff List Exports

After you add Value of Hours columns and filter the Staff List, select volunteers to export to a .CSV file. You can include Value of Hours data in the export.

For information about how to export the Staff List, view How do I Export the Organization's Staff List

Download Value of Hours Reports

You can download organization and opportunity reports that include Value of Hours data:

  • Value of Hours Worked by Staff: High-level summary — For each volunteer, shows the monetary value of hours. Before you download, select whether to see the total (lifetime value of hours), or the total by day, week, month, or year.
  • Hours Worked by Staff: Deep-level logs — For each volunteer, shows the total hours and monetary value of hours for each contribution. 

For information about how to download reports, view Opportunity Level Reports and Organization Level Reports.

View Engagement and Impact Analytics for an Organization

On the Overview page for your organization, view impact and engagement analytics, which include data visualizations. For more information about analytics, view Engagement, Impact, and Recruitment Analytics for an Organization.