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How do I create and edit a Shift?

Creating a Shift links the Venue, Location, Role, and Staff to a specific Start and End time.

To start, navigate to your Event Schedule. You can then click the 'Add Shift' button.


This will bring you to a pop-up where you can begin to enter the Shift details. The first section will prompt you to enter a date, time, venue and location. You will have to enter a title for the Shift and a description if you want to add one. The Shift Color can be customized and is used to identify the Shift in the Calendar view. Remember to click 'Save' before moving on to Roles.


When the general Set Up has been completed and saved, click on the 'Roles' tab along the left-hand side. Here, you can choose which Roles you need to be filled within the Shift. Click on the Roles you want to include, once selected click 'Add'. Now, the selected Roles have been brought over. Click save.


To finish up, click the 'Staff' tab along the left side of the pop-up. You will be prompted to select a Role, at which point you will be given a list of all the available Staff in that Role. You can use the checkboxes to modify the Staff that are returned in the list. You'll also notice the Legend beside the Role input. If you hover over each square, you will see a description of each type of conflict. You can keep track of said conflicts in the rightmost column of the staff list.