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Using Filters

Get the best out of your InitLive experience by using Filters to sort your data.

What are Filters?

Filters in InitLive can be found in your Staff list, Opportunities list, and your Schedule page. Our collection of different Filters allows you to sort through your data and find -exactly- what you're looking for. You can apply multiple Filters at once to narrow down your search and make sure you see only what you're looking for. Here's how they work:

On any of the lists mentioned, there will be a 'Show Filters' button found at the top-left of the list. Clicking on this will show you what Filters are available for that list.




In the Staff list, you can choose to sort your data with Role Based, Availability Based, and Schedule Based filters as well as Form Question, and General Opportunity Filters. To make use of a filter, select the category you need and then click the Filter you want to use. You'll be prompted to select some more specific options. Click the 'Filter' button in the bottom-right and your Staff list will be filtered according to your selection and you can then view and manipulate the data you need.



You can use Staff Filters to do things like check for availability and then schedule Staff members based on their availability. In this case, you can see 'Availability Based Filters' > 'Is Available During' is selected and then the pop-up is used to search for the timeblocks needed.



If you click 'Filter' you will be brought back to your list which will be populated with only what you asked for, making it much easier to manipulate the list.




In the Opportunities list, your filters will include more Opportunity specific items such as Date, Min/Max Staff in Opportunity, Self-Signup Settings, General Check-In, etc. These are super useful in searching for specific Events based on the Start Date, amount of Staff in the Event and more! You can easily sort your list of Opportunities to find any Opportunity that is currently understaffed, for example.




In the Schedule list, you can access more Schedule-oriented filters like Venues & Locations, Roles, Shift Length, Schedule Shortages, etc. These filters help you to manage your Schedule and let you sort through your Shifts easily.



One way to use Filters for the Schedule is to sort the Shifts by Roles. If you need to find all Shifts for one particular Role, you can do so with these filters. If you want to search for a particular Role or multiple Roles, you can check 'Has any of these Roles' and then select the Role(s) you're looking for. If you want to filter out a certain Role or set of Roles, you can use the 'Does not have any of these Roles' option.



Multiple Filters:

With InitLive, you can layer multiple filters to further narrow down your results. Layering filters lets you view and take action on very specific groups of Staff. In the picture below, I'm looking for Staff members with the 'Server' Role, who are not First-Aid Certified and I'm excluding the Role Manager from my results.

multiple flters


Multiple Selections

As well as being able to layer multiple filters, we can layer our selections. InitLive holds on to your selection even when you remove filters. This lets us select and take action on different, filtered groups all at once. For example, you can apply a Role filter, select all the Staff that match said filter, and then remove the filter and search for another person who isn't in that Role that you would like to select as well. You can then take action on that entire selection, such as add/remove Roles or send an email. To clear your selection, click "Clear selected Staff" on the right-hand side of the list or "Clear selected Shifts" if you're working with the Schedule.



Now you're ready to start filtering your data with InitLive!