Create an Opportunity

You can create an opportunity if you are an Organization Manager or if an Organization Manager grants you permission to create opportunities.

To create an opportunity:

  1. Select My Opportunities.

  2. Click the Create Opportunity tile.
    Tip: You can also create an opportunity from the Profile menu icon_profile or the My Organization > Opportunities list.

  3. Enter the Opportunity Name.

  4. Select the Start Date and End Date.

  5. Select the Timezone.
    You can change all of these settings later, including the timezone.

  6. Click Save.
    The opportunity appears on the My Opportunity page.

  7. To customize your opportunity, click it.
    The Recruitment page opens.

  8. To change the Opportunity Name, Start Date, End Date, or Timezone, click Page Settings. View Change the Public Page Settings.

Next Steps

To recruit staff and volunteers for a certain opportunity, set up recruitment at the opportunity level.

If you manage staff and volunteers across multiple opportunities, you can set up recruitment at the organization level.