How can I recruit Staff & Volunteers to my Organization?

Use the Recruitment area within your Organization to customize your Signup Workflow

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Enable Recruitment at the Organization level if you're managing Staff and Volunteers across multiple Opportunities. This can streamline the recruitment process for ongoing programs and/or repeat volunteers, as they will not be prompted to complete an in-depth registration process for each individual Opportunity. Once Staff and volunteers have registered for your Organization they will have access to view and signup for all of your Published Signup Opportunities.

3. Workflow_Recruitment

The 'Public Organization Page' area of your Organization will allow you to preview the landing page that Staff will access in order to register for your Opportunity. Use the 'Public Organization Page Toolbox' to populate Organization Details, add custom branding through a logo and cover photo, and access the Registration Signup Link that you'll use to recruit volunteers.

Public Organization Page Toolbox

Build the registration form for your Organization from the 'Form Questions' area of the Organization's Recruitment tab. You can enable and require the template questions suggested by Bloomerang Volunteer or create your own Custom Questions specifically for the Organization. Any Custom Questions added to the Organization will be available for Opportunity Managers to enable and require in the Opportunity as well. Please note: Users who have already answered the Custom Question at the Organization level will not be prompted to answer them again if carried down to the Opportunity.

Add Custom Question

Configure the workflow volunteers will follow when signing up for your Organization through the 'Recruitment Settings' area of the Organization. Enable the steps you'd like volunteers to go through using the ON/OFF toggles. You can enable as many or as few signup steps as you'd like. If no steps are enabled, volunteers will experience one-click signup.

Alternatively, enable all signup steps to ensure volunteers register for your Organization in full. This can include selecting their own Qualifications, which can be used as a tag on their profile or a skill that they must have in order to work particular Roles and Shifts within an Opportunity. Please note that these settings can be adjusted at any time. Additionally, configure either Automatic or Manual Approval to determine whether or not volunteer applications must be reviewed before users are listed as Staff within the Organization.

Org Recruitment Settings

Finally, share the 'Registration Signup Link' that can be found on the 'Public Organization Page' area of your Organization's Recruitment area. This link can be shared via email, social media, or posted on your website in order to begin recruiting Staff to your Organization.