Change the Public Page Settings

In the Page Settings for your opportunity, you can change the information that appears on the public signup page.

To change the page settings:

  1. Select My Opportunities.
  2. Click an opportunity.
  3. On the Recruitment tab, in the Public Page Toolbox section, click Page Settings.
  4. Select a Primary Manager.
  5. Select an Available Positions option:
    • Hidden: Hide the number of spots, shifts, or staff on the signup page. This is the default option.
    • Open Spots: Show the total number of spots open for signup. The Signup Limit, minus the number of scheduled roles, equals the number of open spots remaining.
    • Open Shifts: Show the total number of scheduled roles that are open for signup, public (not private), and not full.
    • Staff Needed: Show the total number of staff needed. The Event Maximum, minus how many staff are currently in the event, equals the number of remaining staff needed.
  6. Select a Start Date and End Date.
  7. Show or hide Preview Shifts information. A shift preview shows all available shifts, excluding full shifts and shifts marked as private.
  8. Enter the Signup button text. For example, change the default button text to a specific call to action. You can enter different text for when the opportunity is open and closed.  
  9. Select a Timezone.
    You might change this setting seasonally if your region doesn’t observe Daylight Savings Time (DST). Shift times remain the same after you change the timezone. 
  10. Click Save.
    The public signup page for this opportunity includes your changes.