What are the different Organization permissions?

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There are three main permission levels that a user can have for an Organization. 

org perms

Basic User

This is the default setting for when a user is added to the Organization, and is the lowest level of permission. These users are most often referred to as Staff and/or Volunteers and do not have any administrative capabilities. Please Note: Basic users can be assigned Role Manager, Shift Supervisor and Check-in Administrator capabilities at the Opportunity Level.

Opportunity Manager

This is the second level of administration; users assigned this permission will not have administrative access to the Organization Level. Opportunity Managers can create Opportunities on behalf of the Organization and can Add, Edit, or Delete anything within the constraint of the Opportunities they create. For this user to gain administrative access over pre-existing Opportunities that they did not create, they must be placed into the Opportunity and assigned the Manager Role.

Organization Manager

The highest level of permission, providing visibility across all administrative levels. There is an additional level for Organization Managers, where they can be setup as Read-Only. 

org read only