Create and Edit Shifts

Create a shift to link the venue, location, role, and staff to a specific start and end time. 

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Create a Shift

To create a shift:

  1. Open the opportunity.
  2. Select the Schedule tab.
  3. Click Shifts.
  4. Enter the Shift Title.
  5. Click the color wheel to select a color for this shift. This shift block appears in this color on the calendar.
  6. Select which date the shift occurs.
  7. Select when the shift starts and stops.
  8. At the bottom right, select the shift state: Published or Draft. The public can view published shifts, but cannot view draft shifts.
  9. Next, select a venue and location.

Select a Venue and Location

Venues are optional when you add a shift to an opportunity. If you add a venue, locations are optional. For more information about venues and locations, view Create Venues and Locations.

To add a venue and locations to a shift:

  1. Select a venue from the list or create a new one.
  2. (Optional) Select a location from the list or create a new one. 
  3. Enter a shift description. You can enter other information, such as links to shift-specific FAQ pages.

Next, select shift roles and qualifications.

Select Shift Roles and Qualifications

Next, select the roles available for this shift. Roles include default settings, which are applied when you schedule the role into a shift. To change the default settings for a role, select the Roles tab.

Tip: If a role requires a qualification, create the qualification before you create the role.

  1. To add an existing role, click Add Roles
  2. To create a new role, click Create & Add Roles.
  3. Enter the Role Name.
  4. Enter the Role Description.
  5. Enter the Additional Role Details.
  6. Select the Signup Visibility: Public or Private.
  7. Enter the number of Staff Required.
  8. Enter the number of Signup Limit
  9. Select the Signup Visibility:
    • Public Qualified staff can view and select public roles. 
    • Private — Only staff appointed by a manager can view private roles.
  10. Select the Waitlist Behavior
    • Block Waitlist Overflow: Role is marked as full when the signup limit is met
    • Allow Waitlist Overflow: Role changes to a waitlist when the signup limit is met
    • Waitlist Only (Gate & Approve): Staff sign up directly to the waitlist

      Tip: To capture your volunteers’ interests, but to prevent them from adding themselves to shifts, select Waitlist Only. You can then manually approve each volunteer into the shift.
  11. Enter the Waitlisting Limit. This is the maximum number of staff who can join the waitlist.
  12. If the role requires qualifications, click Add Qualifications.
  13. Select one or more existing qualifications. To add a qualification to this list, go to the Roles & Qualifications settings.
Next, add tags. 

Add Tags

Use tags to designate areas of interest about a shift. Tags can be visible (public) or hidden. For example, use hidden tags for internal tracking. Use visible tags to help volunteers decide which shifts to select. 

For more information, view What Are Opportunity and Shift Tags?

To add tags to the shift:

  1. To add an existing tag to the shift, search for or select a tag and click Add.
  2. To create a new tag:
    1. Click Create & Add Tags.
    2. Select Create a New Category or Edit an Existing One.
    3. Configure the settings the category. You can add tags to a category, change the visibility setting, and select whether multiple tags can be assigned from this category.
Next, add staff and volunteers to shift roles. 

Add Staff and Volunteers to Shift Roles

To add staff and volunteers to roles:

  1. From the role list, which appears left of the shift settings, select a role.
  2. To view staff who are best matched to this role, click Roster Mode. Qualifications, roles, and availability determine who is labeled as a best match. You can collect availability information during signup
  3. In Roster Mode, if no staff are best matches, you can select different options: Staff with Matching Roles, Staff with Matching Qualifications, and Show All Staff.

    Availability settings appear for each option if you turn on Availability: And Are Available, And Are Not Available, and Have Not Filled In Their Availability.
  4. Select one or more staff.
  5. Click Add to Shift.
  6. Click Done.

Filter the Shift List

To find and sort the shifts in an opportunity, select filters. You can select several shift filters. If you have tags, you can select tag filters.

To filter the shift list by venue or location, you can select the venue or location, No Venue or No Location, or a combination of these options. 

shift_filtersFor more information about filters, view Use Filters.