What are Volunteer-based Rostering Filters?

Rostering Filters from the Schedule Tab include Best Matched Volunteers, Volunteers with Matching Roles, and Volunteers with Matching Qualifications.

Volunteer Based Rostering filters are filters that are used to find the right volunteer for the right Shift. When Rostering from the Schedule Tab, there are four major Rostering Filters. For more information on the specific filter, click on the question mark.

Best Matched Volunteers

Bloomerang Volunteer will investigate all Qualifications, Roles and Availability. If everything is matching, the Volunteer is automatically placed as a Best Match. As soon as the Volunteer has a Conflict, they are no longer a Best Match.

Volunteers with Matching Roles

This list shows all the Volunteers that have a matching Role connected to their profile that is needed for the selected Shift.

Volunteers with Matching Qualifications

This list shows all the Volunteers that have matching Qualifications connected to their profile that are needed for the selected Shift. 

Show All Volunteers

If you are looking to Schedule a specific Volunteer, but they do not have any matching Qualifications or Roles, you can add them by clicking on the Show All Volunteers filter.  

Note: All conflicts can be bypassed/overridden. If you choose to add a Volunteer, regardless of their conflicts, they are automatically granted those Roles and Qualifications.

Screenshot of Roster Mode showing all available options and two volunteers, one of which is a Best Match and the other that has a conflict.