How do I manually schedule Staff/Volunteers?

Use Roster Mode to manually schedule your Staff/Volunteers into your shifts.

In the schedule tab of your Opportunity, select the shift you would like to manually schedule, and open Roster Mode. Roster Mode will provide you with the list of the best-matched staff for your shifts, which is an excellent scheduling tool, however, you can also choose from your Opportunity Staff list to pull specific Staff/Volunteers for a shift as well.

sched rost list

You have a few options in terms of visibility for Roster Mode; you can see your Best Matches, then staff with matching Roles and Qualifications, then you can choose to show all staff. When you show all Opportunity staff, it will automatically hide Staff with overlapping Shift and Opportunity conflicts but you can of course choose to see even the staff with conflicts. You can also search for staff in the "Show all Staff" view.

sched roster conflict

You'll then select the staff/volunteer you wish to schedule and at the bottom of Roster Mode, select to add them to the shift. You can then select your shift to see that it is now populated with the Staff member that you had added.