Venues & Locations

A big part of creating your Event in InitLive is setting a Venue for the Event as well as the Locations in that Venue.

To manage Venues and Locations, navigate to the respectively named tab in your Event. In order to set up your Venue and Locations, you'll have to create a Venue first. This can be done from scratch or you can copy Venues from another Event.



The Venue is the physical place your Event takes place at. This is usually a place with a street address or an identifiable map location that hosts your Event. When creating a new Venue, you will be required to fill out the following form. You will have to add at least one Location for the new Venue.



Locations are the places within the Venue such as "Box Office", "Stage 1", "Drink Tent", etc. Locations are used when scheduling Shifts to specify where the Staff members will be working. To add a new Location, click on 'Add Location'. The system will assume you are adding a Location to the currently selected Venue. If there are multiple Venues, select the one you wish to edit before adding your new Location.


You can delete/edit a Venue or a Location by clicking on the blue cog icon. Please note, deleting a Venue will delete the associated Locations, Shifts and the Staff scheduled in those Shifts. Once deleted, it cannot be undone.