Organization level Reports

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The Reports section of Bloomerang Volunteer contains a few exportable Reports that can help you gauge your team's performance and also keep your operations organized and under control. The Organization Reports provide a higher level look at your Organization Staff members' activity. These Reports are also filterable by Opportunity and by Date to help narrow things down.

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General Check-in/out Attendance Report

This is a high-level overview of Opportunity Attendance which covers total amount of check-ins, total hours checked in and more. This is all broken down by Staff member.

General Check-in/Check-out Detailed Report

Take a look at users' activity log. You can see when they checked-in, who checked them in and more. You can use this report to keep track of no-shows or even to see your total Volunteer turn out.

Shift Clock-in/Clock-out Log

A full report of clock-in/out activity including timestamps. This report can be used similarly to the General Check-in report but provides more detail as it tracks individual Shifts. You can use this data to see who showed up for which Shifts, when they did, and of course to see who missed their Shifts.

Hours Worked Overview

A breakdown of hours clocked-in per user across all scheduled shifts. You might want to use this for any management work that has to be done such as filling out timesheets or other.

Detailed Shifts/Hours Worked

Similar to the 'Hours Worked Overview' except it is per user, per shift and only Scheduled Staff will appear in this report. This way, you can narrow your data down even further and get precise information for individual users and their Shifts.


One of the key features of Organization level reports is that you can filter by Opportunity or by Date to get the exact information you need. This allows for customization that suits your needs. For example, if you have an Opportunity that occurs every year and you want a report for that Opportunity over the last three years, you can do that with filters.