Opportunity Level Reports

Keep on top of your Opportunity with exportable and printable Reports, curated by Bloomerang Volunteer!

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The Reports section of Bloomerang Volunteer contains a few exportable Reports that can help you gauge your team's performance and also keep your operations organized and under control. Opportunity level reports let you look into data at the Opportunity level to better manage your Opportunity before and after the date of the Opportunity.


Form Question Responses

If you had your volunteers fill out a form before applying to your Opportunity, you can see all of the responses to the Form Questions here and you can see who answered them. You can use this to keep track of the entire Staff list's registration information in one place.

Printable Package

You can email yourself a PDF package that covers all Staff and Shifts. It is broken down per Staff member and contains a list of all their scheduled Shifts. If you need a lower level look at the Schedule, this report will give you exactly that.

Availability by Staff

This report offers a look at availability set by the Staff for the Shifts. This report can be used for Scheduling people into Shifts based on their availability.

Communications Report

This report is a history of all of the communications sent through the mobile app Broadcast feature. This can be used to keep record of any conversation had during the Opportunity in Bloomerang Volunteer. One way this report could be super useful is if any emergencies occurred during your Opportunity, you would have a clear record of the communication during said emergency.

Schedule Report

This report provides visibility into Scheduling gaps. It is a list of all the Scheduled Roles in the Opportunity based on the total Staff Required.

Hours Worked Overview

Overview of total clocked hours across all scheduled shifts, broken down per user.

Check-in/Check-out Log

A log of Event Check-in/out activity which contains timestamps and hours between check-ins. You can also see who took the action. (This does not consider scheduled Shifts, it just tracks Event attendance as a whole)

Shift Clock-in/Clock-out Log

A log of Shift Clock-in/out activity. Useful in getting a good retrospective look at which employees attended their Shifts vs those who didn't.

Detailed Shifts/Hours Worked

This report is used to track the number of hours clocked-in per user, per Shift. Note that only Scheduled Staff will appear in this report.