How to manage Applications to your Organization

Set up how you want Staff to be added to your Organization

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People can be added to your Organization in two ways. Potential Staff members can choose to apply directly to your Organization and they can be added to your Organization from an Opportunity if they've registered for one. Depending on the settings you choose, you may have applicants be accepted automatically or you may have to choose whether or not to accept them. The settings pertinent to this process can be found in your Organization page under Recruitment > Recruitment Settings.

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Automatic vs Manual Approval

When someone applies to your Organization or registers for one of your Opportunities, they will be added to your Organization automatically, or they will be put on a 'Pending' list where you, as the Organization Manager, can decide to approve or reject their application. You can toggle between 'Automatic Approval' and 'Manual Approval' to choose what works best for you. 


Accepting and Denying Applicants

If you choose to manually approve/reject applicants, your potential Staff members will be moved to pending and will appear in the 'Applications' list under your Organization's 'Staff' tab. You will see how many pending applications there are and you can view each individual applicant in this list. Here you can filter your applicants by criteria such as Form Question answers, Qualifications, etc. You can approve or reject an applicant by clicking the green checkmark or the red 'x' respectively. You can also select multiple applicants and click the 'Take Action' button to approve or reject them in bulk. The 'Take Action' button can be used to send a message to the selected applicants as well.