Download Contributions Reports (for an Organization)

Download Contributions reports to understand how many times volunteers donated their time to your organization. This data can help you measure your organization’s recruitment efforts. 

This article explains how to download reports at the Organization level. You can also download Contributions reports at the Opportunity level.

Types of Contributions Reports

Before you download a report, select how to group the data: By total (all time), year, month, week, or day. 

At the Organization level, download these reports:

  • Total Contributions — Shows the total number of contributions for your entire organization
  • First-time Contributions — Shows the total number of first-time contributions for your entire organization
  • Average Contribution Time — Shows the average contribution time, in decimal hours, for your entire organization

Organization-level reports start on the first day your organization was created in Bloomerang Volunteer.

Download Contributions Reports

To download Value of Hours Worked reports at the Organization level:

  1. Open your organization.
  2. Click Reports & Imports.
  3. Go to the Reports: Contributions section.
  4. From the drop-down list, select one of these options:
    • Total Contributions
    • First-time Contributions
    • Average Contribution Time
  1. Select a time period: Total, Total by Year, Total by Month, Total by Week, or Total by Day. 
  2. Click Download.
    A .CSV file downloads to your computer.