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What are Organization Qualifications?

Use Qualifications at the Organization level to tag Staff with a certain skill-set or attribute.

Organization Qualifications, like Event Qualifications, act as tags that can help identify if a Staff member meets a particular requirement. Organization Qualifications, however, can only be managed from the Organization level, by Organization Managers. To create a new Qualification at the Organization level, navigate to the 'Qualifications' tab in your Organization and then click on the 'Create new Qualification' button.


Along with filling out some basic information, you will have to set the 'Qualification Setting' and 'Event Setting'. The 'Qualification Setting' determines the visibility of the Qualification. Public means anyone, including Staff, will be able to see and select the Qualification during the registration process. Private means it must be appointed by an Organization Manager but it will still be visible to qualified Staff. Hidden means the Qualification will never be visible to Staff, even when appointed to them. The Event Settings for your Organization Qualifications will allow you to determine whether or not the Qualification should be accessible at the Event level, at which point they can be assigned to Event Staff. Without allowing Event Managers to view the Qualification, it can never be used within an Event and will only be visible to Organization Managers.

Organization Qualification

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