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How do I set up Recruitment for my Opportunity?

Set up Opportunity Details, Signup Settings and everything else you'll need before opening your Opportunity up for registration.


To start, navigate to the Recruitment tab in your Opportunity.



The 'Public Opportunity Page Toolbox' will allow you to edit the general details for your Opportunity as well as add further customization and branding with a cover photo and logo. You will also see the 'Registration Signup Link' which you will use to recruit volunteers once your Opportunity is set up.



To build the registration form for your Opportunity, select 'Form Questions' on the left-hand side of the screen. Here you can customize the questions your potential volunteers will have to answer as a part of the signup process. You can enable and require the template questions and waiver suggested by InitLive, carry Organization Custom Questions down to the Opportunity or create your own Custom Questions. Please note, users will not be prompted to answer Organization Custom Questions again if they have already answered them. If you want to see what the form will look like when people begin signing up, you can preview the form from a volunteer/staff perspective by selecting the blue 'Preview Form' button.



You can configure the workflow your volunteers will have to follow during the signup process in the 'Self-Signup Settings'. You can enable or disable the steps you want volunteers to go through by toggling each step ON or OFF. Toggling all steps OFF will mean all volunteers can sign up immediately, without having to complete any forms or steps. Toggling all steps ON will make it mandatory for volunteers to complete all steps and fill out all relevant forms, questions, etc. This includes selecting their own Shifts. You can customize this at your will and enable/disable as many steps as you wish to find a workflow that suits your needs.



There are some Signup Steps that have further settings you can alter as well. Roles and Shifts both have one extra layer to them which we call Advanced Signup Settings. They allow further customization for each of the pertaining steps. For Roles, you can choose to specify the Minimum and Maximum amount of Roles the applicant can sign up for.




For Shifts, you have the choice of limiting the amount of Shifts Staff can sign up for by Shifts or by total amount of Hours. You can set a minimum and a maximum for both of these options. You can also choose to limit Shifts/Hours by day or by the Opportunity as a whole—this can be used to set boundaries for the Shift selection process. You might want, for example, to make sure each Staff member signs up for a minimum of 3 shifts over the course of the whole Opportunity.



After choosing the steps and Advanced Settings you want to enable, the last step for setting up your Recruitment process is to change the 'Registration State' to Open and then share your 'Registration Signup Link'. You can post the link to your website, share it with your Organization Staff List, or share through Social Media. Anyone who clicks this link can then signup for your Opportunity. Once Recruitment is complete, the 'Registration State' can be set back to Closed.