Mobile as an Opportunity Manager

Everything you need to know about the mobile app as a Manager


Opportunity List

When you first log in, you'll see a list of all your Opportunities. You can filter through this list using the green arrow button in the top-right. Clicking on any of these Opportunities will bring you to the Opportunity page itself.



To access your Profile and the Settings, click the Bloomerang Volunteer logo in the top-left of the screen. Much like the settings in the web app, you can adjust your personal details and contact information in the 'My Profile' section. The Settings allow you to adjust your notification preferences, change your password, and more. You can also log out of the app from here.  


Opportunity Page

Selecting an Opportunity from the Opportunity list, if you've made the Opportunity Live, will bring you to a page that looks like this. There are a few tiles that help you to manage your Opportunity, such as 'Schedule Problems', 'Send A Broadcast', and of course, access to the Master Schedule.


Master Schedule

Clicking on the 'Master Schedule' tile will bring you to this page:

Here, you have a full overview of all shifts scheduled in your Opportunity. You can see the Roles in the Shift, the Venue, Location and time. If you need more details for a specific Shift, you can select it from list. You can also filter the Master Schedule using the green arrow icon in the top-right of the screen.


Staff List

The dark-blue tile on the left will bring you to the Staff list. Here you can search through all the Staff members in your Opportunity. They are sorted alphabetically but can be filtered using the green arrow button in the top-right of the screen. You can also use this button to add a Staff member and even send a Broadcast to your list of Staff.



There are a few different ways to send a broadcast, but the easiest is to click on the Broadcast tile from your Opportunity Page. You can send out a broadcast to your entire Staff list or it can be directed at any particular group of people in your Staff list you choose. You can filter out your audience with the green arrow button. Please note that Broadcasts get sent in-app to all selected recipients. If any of the selected recipients do not have the mobile app installed, the Broadcast will be sent as an SMS. If any of the selected recipients haven't downloaded the Bloomerang Volunteer app or provided a mobile phone number, the message will be sent as an email.