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Go Live!

Getting closer to Opportunity Day? Are you ready to get this show on the road? We'll take you through the procedure and make sure you get your party started right!

InitLive is now Bloomerang Volunteer—a new name, a new look, and a new integration. Bloomerang Volunteer works just like InitLive. You can do everything you always do, and in the same way. 

See what's changed.

If you're ready to go live, Navigate to the 'Mobile App Settings' tab first. Then, decide whether or not you want to allow Staff to to view/contact others in their Shift via the mobile app and click the big switch beside 'Go Live!'. Going Live activates the mobile app and all the notification services within it. So make sure everything is set up and ready to go before hitting that switch. Most of our customers Go Live shortly before the Opportunity begins as the app is designed for real-time usage onsite.


The only thing left to do is make sure your Staff members have the Bloomerang Volunteer mobile app downloaded and decide whether or not you'd like to notify your team that the app has gone live. That's all there is to it!