What is the Schedule Tab?

The Schedule tab is where you go to build your schedule and monitor how it is performing. Within this tab, we have multiple features and views.

Please Note: The Schedule Tab is best used in the “Full Screen” mode, where you can preview the schedule in the most optimized view. The "Full Screen" button can be found in the top left of the navigation. 0

What can I achieve?

The Schedule tab is used to create Shifts and appointing the right staff to this Shift. The Schedule tab can gives you an overview of which Shifts need more Staff and which Shifts are filled in.  

sched tab

What are the different viewing options?

InitLive offers 3 different views of the Schedule  (also known as “Categories”). Each view provides a different perspective on the Scheduled based on the structure of the Shift (Shift Structure diagram is below)


The 3 different views are:

scheduled shifts Logo                    Scheduled Shifts


Scheduled Staff Log                     Scheduled Roles


 scheduled Staff logo                     Scheduled Staff


Shift Structure Diagram

Each of the views presented in the Schedule reflects a layer in the Structure of a Shift.

  • The Scheduled Shifts view will give you a top-down perspective on all of your Scheduled Shifts. 
  • The Scheduled Roles view will give you a middle view of all of the Roles scheduled within each Shift. 
  • The Scheudled Staff view will give you a bottom-up view of all the Staff scheduled in each Role within each Shift. 


Changing Views 

You can select your desired view by clicking on the dropdown in the top left navigation. The default tab is the “Scheduled Shifts” tab.

view dropdown