What is the Scheduled Staff view?

Narrow down your Schedule by viewing each of the Shifts your Staff are Scheduled in.

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What is the Scheduled Staff view? 

The purpose of this view is to track staff on a Shift by Shift basis. Managers can Unscheduled Staff, monitor Confirmation Requests and Clock-in activity, and build custom data exports. This can be done in both the List and Calendar view. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-22 at 12.59.12 PM

Staff Scheduled List View 

This is how the “Scheduled Staff” tab looks like in the “List View”.

Note: In this view, you are not able to use Roster Mode because they are already Scheduled Shifts. 

sched staff list

Staff Scheduled Calendar View 

This is how the “Scheduled Staff” tab looks like in the “Calendar View”.

sched staff cal

Shift Structure Diagram 

In the Structure of a Shift, the Scheduled Staff View outlines the bottom layer displaying all of the individual Shifts Staff are Scheduled in.