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What is the Organization Volunteer List?

The Organization Volunteer List contains all users that have signed up or been added to your Organization or an Opportunity within it. The Organization Volunteer list allows Organization Managers to enable/disable data columns such as Form Questions, Qualifications, Tags, Hours Worked and Scheduled, etc.


Organization Managers can use the Volunteer List in various ways for all their volunteers without navigating to the Opportunity level. Managers can use the dynamic view and data columns to see all the necessary information and create reports using the custom export functions. 

Volunteer List Views

There are three main views of the Organization Volunteer tab:

  • All Volunteers
  • Pending Applications
  • Rejected Applications.
Every Organization will use the All Volunteers view. Organizations that have decided to manually approve applications will use Pending Applications and Rejected Applications  to manage new volunteer signups. Managers can quickly move to any of the Volunteer views with the dropdown selector, this makes it easy to stay in full-screen mode while managing volunteers. 

Screen Shot 2023-01-16 at 12.36.28 PM

Bulk Actions

The Organization Volunteer list allows Managers to enable or disable columns that contain information such as form questions, hours worked or schedule data, etc. These data columns can be used for various bulk actions, reporting, and managing the volunteers that are a part of your Organization. These columns can be used in all views of the Volunteer List, including the Pending Applications and Rejected Applications if Manual Approval is used.



Managers can also use various Filters on the Volunteer List to narrow the list to the exact group of volunteers they are looking to take action on. This can be used when trying to perform bulk actions on a specific group of volunteers or if the Manager wants visibility over certain data attached to those volunteers. 



Organizations Managers can quickly see if any volunteers have shift conflicts within or across multiple Opportunities. The Conflicts column provides a visual queue of particular volunteers who have current conflicts. There is also a conflict total button at the top of the Volunteer List that can be used as quick access to the conflicts filters. 

3-10 conflict col

3-10 conflicts


The Organization Volunteer List allows Managers to create custom views of different data columns. There are columns for all the data related to the volunteers in the Organization. These columns range from basic profile data and form questions to information on a volunteer's Shifts and Opportunities.

Using these columns to create a specific custom view enables Managers to review all important information without exporting the data or navigating directly into the Opportunities to see how many Shifts, Hours Worked, etc. a user has. 

Managers can always reset the columns to a default view if they want to start fresh in creating a new layout.



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