What is a Group Type?

There are three different types of Groups: Number-Based groups, Account-Based groups, and Email-Based groups.

  • Account-Based Group
    An Account-Based Group requires Staff to have an Bloomerang Volunteer account in order to be a part of it. These Groups consist of existing user accounts, both claimed and unclaimed. Account-Based Groups will be publicly visible in the sign up process.
  • Number-Based Group
    A Number-Based Group is based on an arbitrary number of people being committed to the Event. Number-Based Groups do not require all members to have accounts in Bloomerang Volunteer and are not associated with any user except for the Group Leader. Number-Based Groups are not visible to other users during the signup process, and cannot be larger than 101 volunteers.
  • Email-Based Groups
    If you have a group that wishes to be an account based group, but only have one valid email address you can use a “+” within an email address to create new users that all point to one email address. Email protocol will ignore anything after the “+” within the email address, this allows for multiple accounts with only one actual email address. For example: 
    • The Doe family uses the email doe@example.com, but both John and Jane Doe want to have their accounts
    • Whoever registers first would use the doe@example.com address to create their account. 
    • The second Doe family would use doe+"firstname"@example.com. So if John registered first, Jane would use the email doe+Jane@example.com
    • Any communications sent would all go to the email address, but would specify which user it was being sent to. 
    • This allows for schedules, reminders, or general communications to go out to the correct user.