How do I add someone to an Organization?

Add a user to your Organization by inviting them through a Registration Signup Link, importing from a CSV, or adding Staff individually

Organization Recruitment

You can invite Staff to your Organization from the Recruitment area within the Organization. Be sure to customize the Recruitment page using the Public Organization Page Toolbox to upload a logo, cover photo, and Organization details. Configure the Registration Form from Form Questions and Recruitment Settings before publishing the page.

Org Reg


Share the Registration Signup Link via email, social media or through a link on your website to begin Organization Recruitment. If Automatic Approval is enabled in Recruitment Settings, all Staff will automatically be added to the Organization Staff List. If Manual Approval is enabled, Staff will be added to the 'Pending Applications' area of the Organization Staff List until they are approved or rejected.

Import from CSV

If you have a pre-existing database of Staff to import into your Organization, use the Import from CSV option accessible from the Staff List within your Organization. Click the 'Add Staff' button and select 'Import from CSV.'

CSV Screenshot

Please note that the CSV file must be formatted according to InitLive's guidelines. We recommend using the 'Download Example Import CSV' option to generate a template. Simply populate the example CSV with your data and import it back to InitLive.

The Download Example will include columns for all the main profile information and any Custom Questions or Tags that have been created for the Organization. If you are looking to import more than just the name and email of the volunteers, it is recommended to create all custom form questions and Tags prior to beginning the process of importing users. 

Whenever you need to import users, you will want to download a new copy of the Example Import CSV to ensure that it includes any newly created or edited questions and Tags. Not doing so will result in CSV Header Errors, and the file cannot be imported. 

Add Staff Individually

If you only need to add a few Staff to your Organization, use the 'Add Staff' button from the Organization Staff List to Add Staff Individually.

Add Staff

All we require is First Name, Last Name, and a unique Email address to add Staff to your Organization. Mobile Phone Number is not a required field, but is encouraged for mobile use - during your Live Opportunity, Broadcast messages can be sent via SMS text message if Staff are not logged into the app to receive push notifications.

After adding Staff to the Organization - whether individually or through the CSV import, be sure to use the 'Take Action' button on the Organization Staff List to Invite Staff to the Organization via email.