How do I navigate my homepage?

The homepage in InitLive is universal and available to all users whether you are an Organization Manager, Event Manager or Staff.

Universal Homepage

Your homepage is designed to provide you easy access to your data in the context you need, whether it is at an Organization, Event or Shift level. Organizations are the highest level within InitLive - housing Shift, Staff, and Event data in a central database. Alternatively, Events contain data related to a specific start and end date. The Upcoming Shifts tile will display your scheduled shifts across Events and Organizations; This is a personalized view of your schedule.

Signup Opportunities

Click on the 'New Signup Opportunities' tile to view other Events that have been created in your Organization(s). This tile gives you easy access to register for Events that you aren't yet a part of. Clicking on a Signup Opportunity will lead you to the registration process for the Event. Once you've completed registration, this Event is no longer listed as a Signup Opportunity and will instead appear in the 'Upcoming Events' tile.