How do I Check-in Group Members in an Opportunity?

If the General Check-in setting has been enabled for the Opportunity, the Check-in buttons will always display beside a user’s name. 

Checking-in Account-Based Groups 

When an Account-Based Group Member is checked-in to the Opportunity, the interface will behave as normal with no additional prompts. Detailed hours worked reports and activity logs by will account for Account-Based Groups. 


Checking in Number-Based Group

When a Number-Based Group Member is Checked into the Opportunity, they will be prompted to fill in the total amount of Group Members. Group members can be Checked-in or out in any order, however, the total amount of check-ins cannot surpass the Group’s total amount of dedicated users. 

Helpful Tip: If you need to check-in more Group members than the total you can record the final total as a Note on the Group Leader’s profile.