What is a Shift Supervisor?

The Shift Supervisor Role in Bloomerang Volunteer gives special permissions to selected Staff members in the mobile app.

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Shift Supervisors' permissions are useful for when your Opportunity is Live. Anyone in this Role can check Staff in and out of Shifts, they'll also have access to Staff contact information and be able to send Broadcasts. One thing that separates Shift Supervisors from Role Managers is that a Shift Supervisor has to be scheduled in every Shift they have been given the responsibility of overseeing in order to have these permissions. This Role allows an individual to make decisions to manage a particular Shift or set of Shifts only in the moment and on the fly with the Bloomerang Volunteer mobile app.


You can appoint a Shift Supervisor from here, as well as see who is currently in the Role. To add someone to this Role, click 'Take Action' and then 'Edit Staff'. You will then be prompted to choose which Staff member(s) you want to make Shift Supervisors. There is no limit to how many Shift Supervisors can exist at any time.