What is the Opportunity Mid Level Sent Email Report?

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opp mid level report

The Mid Level Sent Email Communications reports provide managers with all of the sent email messages and include the total Staff it was sent to, the Total messages Delivered, and the total messages that Bounced.

The Mid Level report includes the following column data;

  • Sent Message ID 

    - Each message that is sent through the system receives an ID that will help identify the order in which they were sent. 

  • Sent Time

    - The date and time that the message was sent out.

  • Sender Name 

    - The name of the Manager that sent the email. 

  • Sender Email 

    - The email is associated with the account of the Manager that sent the email.

  • Custom Sender Name

    - The sender name seen by recipients of the email.

  • Custom Sender Email

    - The email that the message was sent from

  • Email Subject

    - Subject line of the email. 

  • Message Body

    - What text, special links, personalization fields were entered in the message body. 

  • Attachments

    - List of attachments that were included in the email. 

  • Template

    - Title of the template if one was used. 

  • Total Sent

    - How many emails were sent out (number of recipients) 

  • Total Delivered

    - The number of recipients that the message was delivered to. 

  • Total Bounces

    - The number of recipients that email was not delivered to. 

  • Bounce Rate (%)

    - Ratio of bounces based on total recipients.