What is Shift Waitlisting?

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The Shift Waitlisting feature allows for users to express interest in a Shift even if that particular Role is already Full. Managers are able to select from multiple different Waitlist styles when building Shifts. These are:

  • Block Waitlist Overflow: The Scheduled Role will be marked as FULL when the Signup Limit is reached.
  • Allow Waitlist Overflow: The Scheduled Role will change to a Waitlist State once the Signup Limit has been reached.
  • Waitlist Only: Staff will Signup directly to the Waitlist

When creating or editing a Role from the Roles and Qualifications tab, Managers are able to set a default Waitlist setting for each Role. This default can also be edited on a Shift by Shift basis, which allows Managers to pick and choose which Shifts allow a Waitlist option even if they did not set it up in the Roles section.