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What are the formatting instructions for Opportunity and Organization Logos & Cover Photos?

Make sure your branding fits on your custom Recruitment page.

When setting up your Public Recruitment pages on both your Organization and Opportunity, make sure you make use of the custom branding options by uploading a cover photo and logo. We'll make it easy for you with a cropping tool available upon uploading your images. For the best result, please use the following dimensions/sizing.


Any square image will do! Bloomerang Volunteer will take care of compressing or resizing the file. If the image you wish to upload isn't square, use any basic image editor (MS Paint, for example) to add padding or resize the image.

Cover Photo

1500x500 pixels
The cover photo in Bloomerang Volunteer has the same dimensions as your Twitter cover photo. Feel free to use any image, though. We'll allow you to crop the file once you upload it!