What are Tags?

Tags can be used in multiple ways throughout Bloomerang Volunteer


What is a Tag? 

A Tag is a custom attribute that can be created and assigned to an individual User, a Shift or an Opportunity. It can be used as a way to group or categorize attributes.  

What is a Tag Category?  

A Tag Category is the categorization of Tags. It can be used as a way to group/categorize a series of Tags.  

What is an Internal/Hidden Tag? 

An internal Tag can only be seen and modified by administrators and cannot be accessed or viewed by the users it’s assigned to. Internal Tags can be applied to users, Shifts, and Opportunities. 

What is an External/Visible Tag?  

An external/visible tag can be seen by volunteers for filtering purposes. 

What are Allocated Tags?

Allocated Tags are the number of Tags within a category that can be applied to a User/Shift/Opportunity. Either a Single Tag or  Multiple Tags can be allocated.  

What is the difference between Organization Level Tags and Opportunity Level Tags  Organization Level tags are tags that can be used across Opportunities, Opportunity Level Tags are tags that are confined to the context of a single opportunity and cannot transcend Opportunities.  

How does it work?  

Admins will be able to create custom tags, categorize them into a theme, then assign them to users, shifts, or opportunities. Once assigned, Admins can filter lists and report on the attributes with those tags.  

What is the difference between Tags, Qualifications, and Custom Questions? 

  • Tags: Are arbitrary fields used for data sorting and segmenting. 
  • Qualifications: Are used to narrow down the schedule & shift selection for volunteers. 
  • Custom Questions: Are used for screening and placement purposes.