View Bloomerang Donor Logs

To view a complete record of the sync, view a log summary or download a .CSV log file. You might do this to troubleshoot an issue.

The log summary includes:

  • Overview: The date range you selected and the log type
  • Sync Type: Total number of manual syncs, automatic syncs, and all syncs; total number of setting configuration changes
  • Log Summaries: Total number of Update or Create log entries, No Changes Made log entries, and errors

The .CSV log file includes:

  • Start and End Date/Time: When the sync started and ended
  • Log Type: Error, Update or Create, or No Change
  • Sync Direction: To or from Bloomerang Volunteer
  • Attribute Getting Synced: Users (Bloomerang Volunteer), Hours Worked (Bloomerang Volunteer), or Constituents (Bloomerang Donor)
  • Were errors detected? Yes or No
  • Type of error: Description of what caused the error
  • New records to be created: 0 or more
  • Actual records created: 0 or more
  • Existing records to be updated: 0 or more
  • Actual records updated: 0 or more
  • Sync type: Manual or Automatic
  • Sync initiated by:  Email address of the person who started the sync (for manual syncs), or the name of your Bloomerang Volunteer organization (for automatic syncs)
  • Technical Log Results: What happened as a result of the sync. Examples: “Sync Complete,” “Contact Updated,” “No records found requiring creation or update.”

To view the log summary, and to download a log file:

  1. Select My Organizations icon_home
  2. Select your organization.
  3. Select Integrations.
  4. On the Bloomerang Donor tile, click Edit Settings
  5. In the Sync Status section, click View Logs.
  6. Select All Dates, Is On, Is Before, Is After, or Is Between.
  7. For the total number of syncs, configuration changes, log changes, and errors, select Preview Log Summary.
  8. Select OK.
  9. For a complete list of log entries, select Download.
    A file named Integration_logs.csv file downloads to your computer.