Shift Supervisor Check-list

Use this page as a guide to help you carry out your Shift Supervisor tasks.

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What kind of permissions do I have?

  • Responsible for a subset of Users - ones that are you scheduled with. You must be scheduled in the shifts that you are responsible for. Your permissions only become available in the mobile app!
  • Ability to check your Users in and out for their shifts.
  • You can send a broadcast to the Users that you are responsible for and scheduled with. You can choose your recipients - is it all Users in your staff list? Is it to an individual via their staff profile? View the filters we have in the “Send a Broadcast” tile of the mobile application to narrow down the list of recipients for your broadcast.
  • Access to Users’ contact information - Phone number, email, emergency contact information. 
  • Access to Profile details - Visible tags, roles, form question answers, and qualifications.
Where can I check my Staff/Volunteers in?
  • Staff list tile - You can select any one of your Staff/Volunteers profiles and check them in and out here. There is an additional check-in icon by their staff profile!
  • Schedule Problems tile - if you do not have enough staff/volunteers checked in for your current shift, you can always find the discrepancies, and correct them, in your “Schedule Problems” tile. It will display who isn’t currently checked in and allows you to carry out checking them in right there.
  • Lastly, in your Master Schedule tile, you’ll find the shifts that you are working and responsible for, and you will be provided with a list of the staff/volunteers with whom you will be working. You can always check your Volunteers in and out here.

Remember this!

  • Always check the green arrows in the top right corner of the window you are in! They provide you with different options on each page which can greatly help you with your Shift Supervisor tasks.
  • In a Staff/Volunteer profile, clicking on any aspect of the contact information will allow you to carry out that action. If you select the Users phone number, it will prompt you to make the phone call via your device to easily reach out to your peers!

Download this article as a print-out for your Shift Supervisors here!