Shift Confirmation: Making sure your Volunteers can make it to their Shifts

To help develop transparency between Opportunity managers and volunteers, and confirm volunteers' ability to attend, check out our Shift Confirmation process.

InitLive is now Bloomerang Volunteer—a new name, a new look, and a new integration. Bloomerang Volunteer works just like InitLive. You can do everything you always do, and in the same way. 

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Manual Requests

You can request schedule/shift confirmation from the Staff list, or from your Schedule. In both the Staff list and the Schedule, requesting confirmation works the same way. First, select the Shifts or Staff you want to send the request for using the checkboxes beside the Shift name or the Staff member. Once you have your selection, click the 'Take Action' button and choose 'Request Schedule Confirmation'.


The Volunteers chosen, or within the chosen Shift, will receive an email asking them to confirm their Shifts. They will be brought to a page where they can either Confirm or Decline the Shift(s). They can accept each Shift individually, or all at once.



Should staff decline a shift, you also have the option for the system to automatically remove the user from that shift, making room for someone else to fill it. This is a great way to automate a repetitive step (so long as reviewing the reason why the user declined the shift isn't important to you). You can enable this in the 'Shift & Schedule Settings'. In these settings you can also set your notification preference.

Request Visibility

To stay informed as staff confirm or decline shifts, you can turn on email and/or bell notifications. You can also filter your staff list based on confirmation states to see which staff have confirmed all shifts, declined any shifts, have any pending shifts, or have no confirmation requests sent. You will also be able to review the reasons behind any declined shifts and can pull a report for this.


Manual Override 

In the case that staff and volunteers email you or phone you to communicate if they can or cannot attend, you, as the Opportunity manager, have the ability to change their confirmation status on their behalf. You can do so by navigating to the Volunteer's profile and selecting the confirmation state of any Shift in their Schedule.