InitLive Permission Levels

InitLive has five main levels of administration that can be tailored to fit any need, allowing Administrators to control who can access what information.

5. Structure_AdminPrivileges (2)

Organization Manager - The highest level of permission within InitLive, providing
visibility across all administrative levels.

Opportunity Manager - The second level of administration, Opportunity Managers oversee everything within a specific Opportunity/Schedule/Program and can Add, Edit, or Delete anything within the constraint of the Opportunity.

Role Manager - The third level of administration, they have management and scheduling capabilities over a subset of the Users that are assigned to the same Role they are managing.

Shift Supervisors & Check-in Administrators - These Roles are intended for
team leaders that need visibility over the Shift/Schedule level, without the ability to edit or manipulate the data.

Staff / Volunteers - These are the Users that signup for the Opportunity, or are placed in the Opportunity by an Administrator to fill Scheduling positions and Roles.