Mapping Custom Data with Salesforce Integration


Why should you map Custom Data?

As a part of the InitLive to Salesforce integration, you can map custom data between the two platforms. This allows you to sync more than the tombstone data and hours worked that is on by default when you enable the connector. The custom data mapping allows Admins to sync Tags and Custom Questions which can be used to identify and track all info collected on volunteers. 

The addition of being able to sync Custom Data allows Admins to create a better picture in Salesforce of how their volunteer programs are operating. By syncing over important data such as interests, Tag categories, program types, the admin is able to create reports and dashboards in Salesforce that will enable them to perform outbound campaigns for a multitude of reasons. Some examples are;

  • Converting Volunteers to Donors.
  • Specific regional Opportunities.
  • Targeting Volunteers by their specified interests. 

What is Custom Data?

InitLive Custom Data are the Tags and Form Questions that are created at the Organization level. The Tags and Form Questions can be synced even if they are not being used currently during signup for the Organization. Opportunity level questions or Tags will not be available to be synced to Salesforce.  

How do I set up Custom Data Mapping?

The first step in setting up the custom data mapping is to ensure the correct fields have been created in Salesforce. By creating the correct fields in Salesforce first it will make it much easier to ensure the data from InitLive is going into the correct contact field. 

To create the fields in Salesforce you can edit the contact object using the gear icon in the top right corner. 

Once you are in management settings for the object you will want to select Fields&Relationships to create a new contact layout field. 

You will then want to select “New” along the top right to start the process of creating the new Contact Layout field. 

Now you will follow the steps to create the new field that will be used to map data from InitLive. Remember that if you are trying to sync data from a Tag or Form Question that is a multi-select, then you will need to ensure you use the picklist(multi-select) as the type of field for all the correct data to appear in Salesforce. For more information, you can reference the Salesforce Help Forums