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How to join new Opportunities on the Mobile App?

InitLive is now Bloomerang Volunteer—a new name, a new look, and a new integration. Bloomerang Volunteer works just like InitLive. You can do everything you always do, and in the same way. 

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Using the left Navbar in the Mobile App, staff/volunteers can select “Find your Next Opportunity” to see any new signup Opportunities for the Organization they are a part of. 

This will open up a list of cards for the Opportunities that are, or will, be available to sign up for. This list can be filtered by Organization if the user belongs to more than one, and by date. The date options are:

  • All Upcoming Dates

  • This Week

  • Next Week

  • This Month

  • Next Month 

To sign up for an Opportunity, select that Opportunity and follow the signup workflow that has been set by the Manager. After completing the sign up the Opportunity will now appear in the My Opportunities list and if the Mobile App has been enabled users will be able to enter the Opportunity to see Schedules, check-in, and all other Mobile App functions.