How long can a session be open on InitLive?

Once you log into InitLive you have an open session running in your browser. This InitLive session can be open for up to 48 hours before you are required to log back in with your username and password. If you have an open session that is approaching the 48 hour mark, you will get notified 30 minutes before the session expires to give you enough time to save the work you are doing, and to log back in and create a new InitLive session.

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The banner that appears to let you know about the upcoming end time of your session also has quick access to renew the session by entering your credentials again. If you use the "Click here" option in the banner your session will be renewed and you will not be re-directed away from where you are in the system. If you do not renew your session in time, you will be taken back to the main login page and will need to navigate back to wherever you were in the system when the session expired.