How Do I track a Group Onsite?

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Tracking a group onsite can be done easily on the web app or the mobile app. Depending on your permissions and settings, Managers, Supervisors, Check-in Administrators and Group Leaders can Check-in (or Clock-in) Group Members and Check-out (Or Clock-out) Group Members as they arrive and leave at different times. 

For example, Joanne & Adrian are attending the event as part of the Church Group of 40. When they arrive onsite, the manager should be able to check-in 2 spots of the 40.

As more Group Members arrive or leave the group leader can edit the total number of group members currently on-site. The system will track all the comings and goings of Group Members and track the total hours that are being worked.  At the end of the event/shift reports can be generated to show the total hours worked of all group members combined.

Checking-in Number Based Group