How do I set up Google Calendar Sync?

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Bloomerang Volunteer allows users to sync their Shifts to their Google Calendar. Calendar sync can be set up from both the My Shifts page, as well as at the end of the signup workflow for an Opportunity if Shift selection is being used. The process to set up the sync is the same in both places.

1. Use the Add to Calendar dropdown and select Connect to Google Calendar

google cal 2

2. From the pop-up choose Connect Now, which will open a Google Authorization pop-up

google cal 3

3. Select or enter the Google account that you want to sync your InitLive Shifts with and allow Bloomerang Volunteer to connect to it. This does not need to be the same email address that is used for your Bloomerang Volunteer account. 

google cal 4

4. The Google pop-up will close automatically after you connect the accounts. The InitLive pop-up will now show that the connection is complete and you be able to perform manual sync if you wish. The sync will happen automatically, but there is the option to force the sync at any time. This pop-up is also where you will go to disconnect the sync for any reason.  

google cal 5