How do I schedule a Group / add a Group to a Shift?

Methods for scheduling a Group depend on the Group type (Account-Based Group or Number-Based group).

Manually Scheduling an Account-Based Group 

Volunteers that are part of an Account-Based Group can be scheduled into Shifts separately or can be placed into shifts together. It is up to the Manager to decide if they want to split up / divide volunteers across Shifts. 

To place volunteers of the same Group into a Shift together, it is best to do it from the Volunteers Tab. From there, you can filter your Volunteer List down to only display the specific Group, then, use RosterModeTM to Bulk-Roster those Group members into your desired Shift. 

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Manually Scheduling a Number-Based Group 

When scheduling a number-based group the Event Manager will be able to select how many group members to roster. This allows Event Managers to split number-based groups across multiple shifts. 

To place Number-Based Group Members into a Shift, simply select the Group Leader, select how many members to roster and then follow the standard Rostering protocols.  The Group Leader will always claim the appropriate amount of spots in the Shift. If scheduling more volunteers than there are open spots available for the Role the Event Manager will be presented with an over-scheduling warning. 

These are the steps to follow to schedule a number based group.

Step 1: Select the role/shift that needs to be filled in, once this is selected, select the group leader. You can see the number of group members underneath the groups leader's name.

step 1-1

Step 2: Select the number of group members needed for the selected role/shift.

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Step 3: Verify the number of volunteers selected below the group leader's name. If this is accurate, click Add Volunteers to selected shift(s)

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