How do I register a Group?

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How do I get people into a Group? 

There are multiple ways people can be placed into a Group. In an event, Staff and Managers can only be a part of one group at a time. 

  • As a Manager:
    Managers can manually assign Staff into an existing group on the Staff Tab, as a Bulk-Action.Animated GIF-downsized_large (24)
  • As a Staff Member:
    If enabled in the registration process by the Event Manager, Staff members can become part of a group in two ways:
      • Group Creation
        Staff can create their own brand-new group. When this happens, the Staff member will automatically be added to the group as the group leader.
        • Account - Based Group:
          For example, Jenny and her basketball team are registering for an event. Jenny will create a group called The Lions Basketball Team that other members of the team will see and can select in the signup process.
        • Number - Based Group:
          For example, Adam has committed to bringing a group of 75 volunteers to the disaster relief event. He does not know the names or emails of the people yet, but he’s committed to providing that number of people on event day.

      Creating a new group
  • Self-Selection
    In the signup process, Staff can self-select a group to join from an existing list of groups.

    For example, Jessica is a volunteer for her church and has been sent the generic event signup link. In the signup process, Jessica should be able to identify/select that she is part of that specific Church group and continue down the registration path.

Adding to existing game-1