How do I register a Group?

If enabled by the Opportunity Manager, you can register a group during the event sign-up process on the Form Questions Step. 

Enter the following information:
  • How are you joining the group?
    Select “I am registering a new group” 
  • What is the name of your group?
    Type your group name in the input box. Group Names must be unique.
  • Do you want to allow others to join this group?
    If Yes:
    This means that your group title will be visible to the public and anyone can join your group.
    If No:
    This means that your group will not be visible to the public, and you must input a number value of people you are bringing. This option is best used for family members or friends registering under the same account. 

If Group Registration has not been enabled by the Opportunity Manager and you wish to register multiple people, contact your Opportunity manager.