How do I filter in the Schedule?

Using the InitLive Filters and Search Bar to narrow down your data.

Using the InitLive Filters 


In the Schedule, you can Filter down your data by a variety of different ways. This function is mostly used with the “List View” because you can see the coinciding data columns, however, it can be used also in the “Calendar View”.


In the “Scheduled Staff” View, you will have another addition to the filters which includes the Form Questions.

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Using the Search Bar to filter

The InitLive Search bar allows you to search across all of the Schedule data, not just the Shift Titles. This expanded search allows you to find exactly what you need, quickly. 


For Example, if you need to show only a specific person within all scheduled shifts, you can type their name into the search bar and only those shifts with the person in them will display.

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