How do I Check In Group Members in an Opportunity?

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If the General Check-in setting has been enabled for the Opportunity, the Check-in buttons will always display beside a user’s name. 

Checking-in Account-Based Groups 

When an Account-Based Group Member is checked in to the Opportunity, the interface will behave as normal with no additional prompts. Detailed hours worked reports and activity logs by will account for Account-Based Groups. 

Checking in Number-Based Group

When a Number-Based Group Member is Checked into the Opportunity, they will be prompted to fill in the total amount of Group Members. Group members can be Checked in or out in any order, however, the total amount of check-ins cannot surpass the Group’s total amount of dedicated users. 

Tip: If you need to check in more Group members than the total you can record the final total as a Note on the Group Leader’s profile.

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