How can Salesforce and InitLive be Connected?

What do you need to connect the platforms? 

To get started, Administrators must be fully licensed on both the InitLive and Salesforce platforms and set up with Organization in both. In order to connect the two platforms, there needs to be a connector package installed. The package must be installed in the Salesforce Organization that needs to connect with InitLive. 


What is an Install Package?

An Install Package is the main connector that contains all of the information, metadata and code required to connect two systems. The package is created to share information from an Organization in Salesforce, to an Organization in InitLive.


How do I install the Install Package? 

Adding the Install Package enables new functionality directly into the Organization in Salesforce, and does not download anything directly onto the computer. Once installed, InitLive will automatically be hooked up to the Salesforce system. 


For more information on how Packages work please reference the Salesforce Help Guides

How do I get the install Package? 

The Install Package can be obtained in two ways: 


  • AppExchange 

The Install Package can be found on the Salesforce AppExchange. 


  • Contact InitLive 

Contact InitLive directly at and receive the direct download link.

How do you connect the two platforms? 

The platforms can be connected in two ways, and it up to the Administrator to determine which way is better suited for the Organization: 


  • Connecting through InitLive

This involves setting up the connection from within the InitLive platform. 


  • Connecting through Salesforce 

This involves setting up the connection from within the Salesforce platform.