Connecting Salesforce from InitLive

What is Connecting through InitLive?

This involves setting up the connection between InitLive and Salesforce from within the InitLive platform. 

Why would you choose to connect from InitLive?

This method is the recommended best practice. It is intended for Administrators that want to sync their InitLive database of Staff over to their Salesforce Organization. 

Pros of using this method

  • It is an easy setup workflow to sync InitLive users to Salesforce contacts.
  • By connecting through InitLive using a one-way sync (InitLiveSalesforce), it does not require the Organization Manager to enable the sync within the Salesforce Organization.   

Cons of using this method

  • Contacts from Salesforce to InitLive cannot be synced without having to enable options in Salesforce. 

Setup Workflow Steps 


Once the InitLive Organization and Salesforce Organization has been set up, log in to InitLive to start the connection process. 

  1. Log-in to InitLive 
  2. Go to the Organization Administrator View 
  3. Select the Integrations Tab 
  4. Select the “Connect” button on the Salesforce Tile 


To begin authorizing the integration, first message the InitLive Sales team. 

Feel free to copy and paste the following message into the input box: 


Hi InitLive, 

I would like to connect my Organization to Salesforce. 



Once InitLive receives the message, they will take the appropriate steps to authorize the Organization and enable the ability to connect. InitLive will provide the Administrator with a direct download link to the Install Package.  



In Salesforce, install the Install Package.

  1. Open the direct download link provided by InitLive 
  2. Login into Salesforce (using the Salesforce credentials). This login will establish the connection. 

  1. Three access levels will be presented. When installing, choose which access level is best suited for the Salesforce Organization. If unsure, it is recommended to select “Install for Admins Only” to limit the number of people that have the ability to sync contacts. 

The integration is now ready to be set up within InitLive!


In InitLive, edit the sync settings. 

  1.  In the Organization’s Administrator Page, select the Integrations tab, then select the “Edit Settings” button on the Salesforce tile. 

  1. In the Salesforce Integration Settings page, configure the sync settings to determine the type of sync and frequency. 


Configuring the Sync Settings in InitLive 

InitLive provides a variety of ways to sync the data between the platforms. Be sure to explore all the possible settings that best suit the Organization.  


Set the Sync Type 

There are 3 ways to exchange data: 

  • InitLive →  Salesforce (one-way)

This sync style pushes all of InitLive’s information into Salesforce. When a Change happens in InitLive, Salesforce will be updated. When a data change happens in Salesforce, InitLive will not be updated.

  • Salesforce →  InitLive (one-way)

This sync style pushes all of Salesforce’s information into InitLive. When a Change happens in Salesforce, InitLive will be updated. When a data change happens in InitLive, Salesforce will not be updated.

  • InitLive ← → Salesforce (two-way)

This sync style updates both InitLive and Salesforce. When a Change happens in InitLive, Salesforce will be updated. When a data change happens in Salesforce, InitLive will be updated. A default system must be selected in case both systems get updated at the same time before the sync happens.

Determine how to Sync 

There are two ways to sync information: 

  • Manual Sync 

This forces a sync to happen and requires a manual action from the Administrator. To perform a manual sync, press the “Sync now” button at the top of the section.

  • Automatic Sync

This sets up the sync to happen automatically on a regular cadence. To perform this action, toggle the ON “Automatic Syncing”. If using the automatic method, there is the capability to set the frequency of the sync. Run the sync every X minutes, or to have it run every day at a specific time. 

Disconnect the Sync

Disconnecting the Salesforce Authorization will remove permissions for the InitLive servers to access Salesforce user account data. Performing this action will not uninstall the InitLive Package from the Salesforce Org


Once the Authorization has been disconnected from InitLive, it can be reconnected by clicking “Connect” on the Salesforce tile under the Organization Integrations tab and re-entering the Salesforce Admin credentials. 

If a sync does not occur or has errors please contact a Salesforce rep or contact