What is a Role Manager?

Role Managers help break down the responsibilities of managing your Staff/Volunteers on Opportunity day. Learn how to use Role Managers to your advantage.

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Role Managers are essentially supervisors for particular Roles in your Opportunity. You can assign this responsibility to your Staff to ensure each Role, or group of Roles, is being overseen and managed by someone. Role Managers have the following permissions in Bloomerang Volunteer:


To make someone a Role Manager, start by navigating to your Staff list. Select the Staff member you wish to appoint the position to and click the 'Roles' tab on the left-hand side of the pop-up. Then, click the 'Take Action' button and select 'Add Role Manager'.


From there, you can select which Role you would like them to oversee by checking off the box beside the Role title. Then, just click 'Add' and you're done.


You can also edit the permissions of any Role managers. You can do so from the Staff member's profile card. Selecting Roles and the 'Role Manager Settings' will bring you to this pop-up where you can select what particular permissions are given to this Role Manager. All Role managers start with the permission to view only the Staff they are managing.