How do I register for an Opportunity?

Signup to volunteer for an Opportunity through the Bloomerang Volunteer web app. For the best experience, please sign up for Opportunity using a computer or other large screen whenever possible.

To register for an Opportunity, you first need to access the registration link for that Opportunity. Most of the time the link will be attached in an email, posted on social media, or listed on the Opportunity or Organization website. Once you've followed the link, you're ready to sign up. Start by clicking the 'Signup For This Opportunity' button.

This will bring you to the Registration form. This form can consist of as many or few steps as chosen by the Opportunity Managers. Any fields marked with an orange asterisk are required and have to be filled out before moving on to the next step. Once a section has been filled out, click 'Next Step'.

In the case that all registration steps have been enabled, you'll be prompted to select your Qualifications next. These Qualifications will reflect in your personal profile and will decide what Roles and Shifts you will be eligible for when Volunteering.

Once you have selected your Qualifications, you will be prompted to select any Roles you are now qualified for. These Roles determine your job or Role (aptly named) within your Shifts in Bloomerang Volunteer. Select the Roles you want to be assigned to and click next.

Now that you have selected your Qualifications and Roles, you can select your Availability. Selecting your Availability time slots will let the system and the Opportunity Manager(s) know what Shifts you're available for. (Once again, all these steps are optional and the amount of steps in place during the registration process is decided by the Opportunity Manager(s). If you do not see a step, it is because it has not been enabled.)

The last possible step in the registration process is to select your Shifts. Here, you will see all Shifts you are currently Available based on all previous steps you filled out. You can choose the Shift(s) you want to work in by checking off the little box(es) along the right-hand side. You can also use the filters at the top of this page to narrow down the Shifts available to select from the list. When you're satisfied with your selections, click 'Next Step' and you're done! Now you are successfully registered for your Opportunity!