How do I create/assign Roles?

Create roles for your Event and assign them to specific staff.

To create new Roles, navigate to the 'Roles & Qualifications' tab in your Opportunity.



To create a new, custom Role click the 'Add Role' button. You will have the option to create a new Role or copy Roles from another Opportunity. Creating a new Role will prompt you to enter some basic information such as the name, minimum and maximum amount of Staff to fill the Role, and the Role Setting. The Role Setting will determine if the Staff can select the Role themselves (public), or if it will have to be appointed by an Opportunity Manager (private). When you're done, just click 'Save'.



If you would like to copy Roles from another Opportunity, you will have to select which Opportunity you would like to copy from and then select which Roles you would like to import. The arrow shows Roles that can be copied over and you can select them by clicking on that arrow, or, you can click 'Select All' to copy all of the eligible Roles. The check-mark means the Role already exists in your Opportunity and does not need to be copied.



You can manage your newly copied or added Roles by selecting them from the table on the left. If you would like to assign specific Staff members to a Role, you can click the 'Take Action' button and manage who is assigned to that role by choosing 'Edit Staff' from the drop-down menu. You can see who is currently in that Role from this page as well. You can also link Qualifications here. This ties the two together and, subsequently, makes the Qualification a prerequisite for the Role.